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Clearance - Old Rose Underbust Corset

£32.49 GBP £54.00 GBP

Truly gorgeous, handmade, steel boned long-line underbust corset, perfect for anyone looking to stylishly enhance their shape and curves. Made from velvety fabrics with durable faux leatherette straps for extra hold. It has a brass C-hook front closure, 6 suspender loops and strong corset cord lacing to create the ultimate shape and curves. 

Large discounts for luxury, top quality lingerie on clearance. Our all-time best bargains for a range of intricate and stunning evening wear. Last in stock and with minute blemishes, a true-deal-hunter won’t miss out on these extraordinary deals.

We suggest you deduct 2 to 3 inches from your normal waist measurement when choosing the size: if your natural waist is 28” then get our M size to achieve 25 inch hourglass shape. Pair with our sexy Tops range and Skirts for a true retro glamour look!